The first workshop of my online educational series has officially SOLD OUT! Whoop whoop!
I will release smaller workshops in the future going in depth on specific subjects,
if you have any suggestions on what YOU would like to learn from me,
feel free to email me at!

Check out some thoughtful reviews below from others on the workshop!

“India Earl, plain and simple- you are a legend! I was one of the few lucky ones to snag one of your online workshops and I have to say it was an absolute dream to learn from you. Seriously, thank you so much for sharing your God given talent with the world. You truly are an inspiration. I believe all I took away from your workshop were the tips and tricks that have been the missing pieces in my own work!
AND now lets talk about your presets!! Holy smokes woman, they are the!! Hands down, the easiest and simpilest presets to tweak and work with out of any other presets I have ever tried before. They have already helped the consistency in my workflow so stinkin’ much!
I can’t thank you enough! Literally, all your work is magic! I am so happy for you!!”
-Jenna Wagner Photography
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“India’s workshop helped me so much with certain things I have been struggling with lately, and the only critique I have is that I wish she had come out with it sooner! It had so many great tips on how to get true emotion from clients, as well as some great advice about certain things you can do to grow your business and get your ideal clients. I feel like the workshop benefits beginners as well as experienced photographers, there is seriously something in it for everyone! I definitely recommend watching it whether you have been taking photos for 3 months or 3 years because she is so insightful and offers such a unique outlook on photography that I have never thought of before. She has such a love and passion for her work and it definitely comes through in her workshop. So worth watching!”
-Olivia Markle Photography
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“Worth every penny. I just started taking photography more seriously, so this workshop couldn’t have come at a better time. India takes you through her entire workflow and goes in serious depth with editing especially. So informative and helpful – and so many little things I never would’ve thought of otherwise that take photos to a new level. This is a game-changer.
-Tess Pesicka

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“India’s workshop has truly changed the way I’ll run my business, and more importantly, help me connect with my clients on a friendship level. Capturing their specific love rather than just having a paying client is now a new journey I’m set on. So refreshing!  My editing style has been so inconsistent the past few months while I’ve tried to find where I belong in this industry, but India’s presets have hit the nail on the head for me and given me exactly what I’ve been needing. She also takes the time to show you how she applies them to her images, what she tweaks in the develop board depending on sunlight or skin tones, and her own tips on how to make the subject draw your eye. India is so passionate about creating beautiful images and has a God given gift for doing so. I’d buy her workshop and presets over and over!”

-Emily Ross
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INDI presets)

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“India’s workshop is what had me sold on her presets. Watching how easily she tweaked and toned them for various light scenarios had me pausing her videos to purchase them real quick. I have never had an easier time applying a set of presets to my images. They work on literally everything, from lay-flat product images to bridals and family photos. I know this because I couldn’t stop re editing everything in my Lightroom catalog. I have also used them for both shadowed indoor sessions and bright, warm outdoor photos. These will be my go-to until I quit or die.”

-Laurken Kendall
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“I have been a very big fan of India Earl’s work and if you’re like me and you’re serious about photography you would buy this workshop. In order for me to succeed i knew i had to learn from the best and thats exactly what i did. India teaches you the way she process her work, once you know her knowledge is up to you to make it work. I’m so excited for 2017 and to be able to show amazing work thanks to India and her workshop.”
-Dakai Photography
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