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Vanessa & Michael

After going back and forth trying to sync up crazy travel and work schedules for a couple months with no success, one day Vanessa reached out again asking if I could come up to Whistler, BC that upcoming weekend for an impromptu engagement shoot. The stars aligned as it was one of my only free weekends for the rest of the year, so I booked my flight and headed up to this gorgeous mountain town to meet her and Michael. When we talked on the phone the night before the shoot, I asked her and Michael what they wanted out of the photos, since other celebrities I’ve shot for usually only want images for publicity/magazines/websites/social media/etc. They said they wanted just one good photo of the two of them to have for their memories only (if you haven’t seen Vanessa in Riverdale you’re missing out, she’s amazing). Anything beyond that would just be a big huge bonus. I loved that response so much because I think so often we lose sight of what pictures were meant to mean to people. Some people treat engagement photos like some big grand checklist item to do for their wedding, and after the invites come down off of the fridges they’ve lived their lifespan. They’re so much more than that, they’re these little frozen memories and their value only increases over time. How amazing is that. (Also enjoy the photos of Michael at the end tipping the canoe into the freezing lake haha!) Vanessa & Michael, congrats you two!

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