Scotland Wedding and Icelandic Honeymoon

Dixi Wonderland

Like every time I´m sitting here in my apartment in Sweden trying so hard not to cry. All of their feelings are shown in these pictures and it really touch my heart. You are the best photographer out there. Beautiful magic. Thank you so much for sharing.


Stunning pictures. You really outperform yourself every time. Brilliant! So much love :)
I really found one thing to show the beautiful scenery you’ve kept a lot of wide set of pictures than your regular closed-in ones. Great going. Keep posting :D

And just saw the video as well, Way to go Jay!

lauren kesler

I’m new to following your work so I am sorry if you have answered this question already and I didn’t see it. I am obsessed with your tones in this shoot. Do you use the same presets on all your shoots and do you sell them? Would love to snag some xoxo. This is seriously such a beautiful shoot. So glad I found your work!!


OMG! (G for goodness;) I cannot begin to express to you how my heart jumps every time I see your beautiful art!

Sarah Fyffe

Whoowsers this is out of this world. What a great collection of photographs. Beautiful location and venue.