Because your memories
shouldn't live behind a phone screen.


Why spend thousands of dollars on photos that only live on your desktop? These are your memories, and your memories are meant to last. Don’t let them die on a screen.

Whoof, sorry to drop that on ya. But hot dang I seriously can’t stress enough the importance of albums or printing your photos so you can feel them. It’s like listening to music from a record player rather than out of your phone. When photos are printed they have a soul and you’ll be so much more attached to those memories than you ever thought you would. My friend asked me what is one possession of mine that I would never ever part with, and my answer was hands down my wedding album. Being able to open a book and see the way my babe looked at me with misty eyes on our wedding day is something I’ll forever love, and I can’t wait until I have kiddos to share it with.

I didn’t get my wedding album until our 2 year anniversary. Guess how many times in those two years we sat down at a computer to look back through our photos, or how many people came to our house and asked to see them? Zero. None. That’s so messed up. Then we got our album and started keeping it on our coffee table, and guess how much we look at our photos now? About every week. Everyone that comes over has to pick it up and look through them while smiling and joking and going “awwe!” That’s what your memories and photos are meant for.

Love those little memories of yours the way they're meant to be loved.



Arielle & Lucas
Working with India was incredible. The way she shoots is…hard to describe. It makes you feel like you're right back there which is exactly what we wanted. The candids and attention to detail were beyond what I could have asked for.
Amber & Chris
Our experience working with India was incredible. She has been our dream wedding photographer for years and it is still mind-blowing to us that everything aligned and worked out so perfectly. She truly felt like an old friend on our wedding day, engaging in great conversation with our families and capturing our intimate slope-side celebration intentionally and effortlessly. And we still can't believe that we got our entire gallery back so quickly! We both love you so much!
Arika & Tim
I wish I could actually put into words how grateful I am for you, for your time, for your heart, for your talent, for everything you’ve given to us. We just got through the photos and are just blown away. We laughed and cried and were just in disbelief with how you captured everything. I hope you know how much we appreciate you and the time and effort and love that went into creating these photos for us. I could never say thank you enough. You captured us, and our people, so perfectly. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will cherish th...
Annelise Blackwood
Ummm where do I even start... India is the most talented and thoughtful person to walk this planet. If you want a photographer who will instantly be your best friend then you found the right human. She is a magical fairy as an artist but more so as an all-around friend and supporter on your wedding day and beyond. Whether you are running through fields in America or Iceland she will be literally running behind you throwing copious amounts of compliments your way all while being a creative genius. She is a powerhouse full of knowledge - her educ...
Charlotte + Ben
There is literally one word to sum up working with India, and that is FUN! We had so much fun! We shared lots of laughs, food and inappropriate jokes whilst frolicking around in the long grass and golden light. I loved India's excitable and hilarious commentating from behind the lens. I absolutely treasure the images we received, they're just so US! It totally reinforced to me the importance of investing in and documenting these special memories, particularly with someone that is so easy to connect with. Thank you so much India, I loved that we...
Gabby + Paul
India was so great to work with. So down to earth, chill, friendly, and personable. Our guests LOVED her. Even though she stepped in almost as like one of our friends, she was highly professional and we never had a dull moment or a thought of “are we doing this right?” Now speaking about the photographs. Omg they are art. We wouldn’t have changed a single thing. India’s work is so precious and they capture the day so well. We'll never be able to relive those moments again but because of her work the snapshots of those moments are never too far ...
Kelsey + Juan
We can't give India enough love for the ah-mazing shoot she did for us. Seriously, her photos are killer, but her personality is even better. She was such a breeze to work with and made the experience beyond enjoyable. I seriously cannot wait until we can do another shoot with her. I'm considering even asking if she'll just follow us around on the regular to document our lives and be our friend! Hire her, seriously, you'll be so happy that you did.
Easton and Stella
I never really understood the value of printing our images until we actually did it. We pushed it off for a long time but once we finally got our album and prints back, it gave a totally new life to our pictures. It's crazy to think that we almost didn't, and that our pictures and memories would just forever stay on a phone screen. Print your shit. You won't regret it.
Rio + John
India Earl. I could just leave it at that and anyone with a brain would know “OH THAT AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER BASED IN UTAH!” India KILLS the game of photography. Not only are pictures and style so unique she literally was on her death bed when she shot our engagement photos. She had influenza and STILL shot photos of us in the January snow for 3 hours. She will be our maternity photographer too! My husband and I love her and Jay so much.
Mikki + Brian
India was such a dream come true! She took the most beautiful pictures I could imagine, captured the whole wedding perfectly and was so amazing to work with! On the wedding day she was so easy and chill to be around and work with, which just added to all the pictures. She made everyone feel comfortable and seen and was so accommodating to making sure all parties and family members were happy. She has such a gift to capture the true essence of a couple and the feeling of love on a wedding day. Seeing Jay and India work together is so amazing, c...
Rebecca + Andrew
We chose India because we didn’t want the perfectly posed, Pinterest images of couples that didn’t look like us or like reality. We chose India because we felt that each and every one of her pictures captured the realness and essence of each couple. We were excited to see what India would capture in us. We didn’t know what to expect but the hours we shot felt like minutes. She made us feel like family, she made us feel at home, and most importantly, she allowed us to be us in front of the camera—even when we at first felt a little nervous. In o...
Su + Whitey
It's so hard to fit a few sentences how much I love India. We were so nervous about having photos done cause we're the nerdiest, shy, and awkward people. As soon as she walked in, her huge smile and laughs at our dog made us instant friends. India has an incredible gift at making you feel super comfortable. She's amazing. She's my inspiration and so talented. We're so happy to have spent our anniversary with her and absolutely love our photos. I wish we could skip to our 5 year anniversary already so I have an excuse to see her again! Love ya, ...

Gift Registry

If you'd like to purchase a gift certificate for someone to go towards my print shop, their wedding photos, or album you can get one below!


    Why not just print the photos ourselves at somewhere like Costco or Shutterfly?
    Yeah, you can go print a crap $13 shutterfly album that will last maybe less than a year then get tucked away in a box in your parent’s basement until it eventually gets thrown away because the quality is so low. Basically, you get what you pay for. This isn’t just an album, this is an heirloom, and they’re created to stand the test of time. Yep, you can print your photos at Costco (I do for my personal photos too) but for anything bigger than a 5x7, you're basically going to waste that money because budget friendly places like that (and walmart, walgreens, etc) just don't do high quality prints. Or even medium quality prints. They're basically shit and the colors turn out terrible (you'll look like an oompa loompa) so I recommend printing through my high quality printer so ensure your images colors turn out accurate and that the quality will last forever.
    How long does shipping take?
    This depends on where you're based, as my prints and albums are printed in and shipped from the U.S. Prints' ground shipping is 3-7 business days + whatever the production times are for the products being ordered. Albums take longer, but are guaranteed within 4 weeks of me finalizing your order (usually sooner than that!).
    Do we have to add on an album while booking or can we purchase one later?
    You can do either! A lot of my couples will wait a few months until after the wedding buzz has calmed down and they have their images back. Some couples will wait to get one as a one year anniversary celebration. There's no pressure to get one before the wedding, you can add it on at any time, even down the road!