Here’s my first pack of my very own go to presets!
This is what I use on all of my work and I created them to be easy to tweak, efficient, natural, and simple. There are 3 color presets and 2 black and white presets! The color presets are creamy, milky, warm, low contrast, low saturation presets. I created them so that I only ever have to adjust temperature, exposure, contrast, and split tones of my photos, which saves a ton of time! My black and whites are milky with deep contrasts, one geared for moody images and one for lighter brighter images, and I am only ever having to adjust my exposure and contrast with both.

I like to keep my editing simple and natural, which is why I wanted them to be easy to understand for anyone. I know the frustration that comes with buying a new pack of presets and not understanding how to tweak them to get my edits where I wanted them to be, so I included a detailed pdf that goes through what each individual preset’s strengths are, what I like to use it for, and what I typically tweak on each preset so you can get a hang of things faster!

Remember that these presets aren’t magic, and wont just one click fix a poorly exposed photo. They’re meant to be used on well exposed images with good light. Just dont expect these to turn a crappy lit photo into an amazing photo.

If you’d like to learn more about how I use my presets and watch my entire workflow with them, check out my online workshop where I edit photos in diverse lighting situations, including warm golden hour, backlit at blue hour, morning light, high noon, and overcast. It shows how they keep me efficient + consistent across any lighting!

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Compatible with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.
No refunds ♥︎


My most basic/easy to tweak preset, making it my go-to!
Warm tones and creamy low contrast.




My version of a simple cross processed feel (warm highlights and cool shadows), and I typically gear this towards
golden hour images to keep the golden highlights but take out the orangey shadows.




This is my brightest, warmest and most vibrant preset,
so I love to use it on cool shaded or blue hour images to balance photos with a colder base.




Muted highlights and deep shadows.
I love it for moody, emotional black and whites.





Brighter highlights + poppier contrast.
I use this on most of my wedding work!



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