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Anneliese & Hudson

Powder Mountain
Why Utah? That's what Anneliese and Hudson's friends and fam were asking when they sent out the invitations to their wedding at Powder Mountain in Northern Utah. #whyutah ended up being the hashtag to their wedding because so many people asked, but they're the couple that met most of the friends they invited to their wedding on a ship they spent months living on while traveling the world, the couple who are the son and daughter of parents who raised kids who started a surfboard company together and live in Colorado, the couple who's always doing something fun and crazy on the other side of the world. They're such a funny, quirky couple, and it makes sense why people would ask them "why Utah" when they have no connection to this state, but also it kinda makes perfect sense if you look at the rest of their life you could ask "Why?" to. The best answer is more along the lines of "Why not"?