Growing up I always imagined what my wedding would be like. I always imagined it as if I would be wearing a big princess dress with a perfect bun coming out of a church with my imaginary husband. Our wedding was nothing like that, and it was more perfect than I could have ever imagined. We bagged all the traditions. I didnt want our wedding to be an event, I wanted it to be me and my person giving ourselves to one another in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. We married in a place that we felt closest to God to. We met in the grand canyon, fell in love in lake powell, and got engaged in the grand canyon. It just made sense. We just wanted be surrounded by our closest people. The ones who are always in our corner, through the mountain tops and the valley lows.

We did a little lake powell weekend with our closest friends and fam. Even on our wedding day we were boating an hour before our ceremony. I curled my lake hair while Jay and his friends were skinny dipping on the back of the houseboat. Jay went out to the ceremony spot with the boys, while the girls and I got ready out in the desert while the prettiest blue storm brewed above us. One of my favorite moments of the day (and life) is walking up to the top of the hill and seeing my dad. His blue eyes filled up with tears that streaked down his face and his lips quivered and he hugged me harder than I think I’ve ever been hugged. He walked me down to the ceremony where Jay saw me in my dress for the first time as I walked through the little crowd of our people. My veil flew off from a huge gust of wind and just kept going up and up and up. We exchanged vows and kissed on the cliff edge as our best friend Lu married us.

Afterwards we went back to the houseboat lit up with little string lights, danced like idiots, and all stripped and jumped into the lake with our friends. It was my favorite moment of the day.

It was better than any wedding day I could have ever imagined.

Happy two years babe.

Photos by the incredible Jordan Voth. I cant say enough about Jordan, he’s not only the most talented person I’ve ever met, but also the most humble and kind. Besides actually getting married, I think he was the best decision we made for our wedding. He worked his ass off to get to our wedding day on only an hour or two of sleep, and he absolutely killed it. He even let us make him dollar menu McBitchins from McDonalds. We will love him and these photos for ever. They’re the perfect little memories.

Video by the amazing Chris Koch. I remember the first time we saw one of Chris’ videos, we had to have him to document our day. Its like watching a really good dream you never want to wake up from, that actually happened. We cry every time we watch it.

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