Olga & Chris

Where to even begin with these two. They are so generous and full of the best energy. There were so many memorable and magical little moments that have stuck with me even months after this wedding. Wh...

Where to even begin with these two. They are so generous and full of the best energy. There were so many memorable and magical little moments that have stuck with me even months after this wedding. When they picked me up from the airport, they took me to get donuts and chai before we headed out to check out the island they were to be married on. We stayed in a cozy little cabin on the island, full of antiques and old life magazines from the 1920’s. The night before the wedding everyone got together in the cabin and stuffed their faces with the yummiest Russian treats.

The next morning, we woke up after a few hours of sleep and went to olga’s childhood home, where she and her bridesmaids and mothers got ready. The emotion you could feel just walking in the home was overwhelming with anticipation and love, there were lots of happy tears and group hugs. We drove out to the island for the first look, where we found Chris standing on the opposite side of the lake. They walked towards one another, and Chris dropped the flower he had picked for her because the tears started flowing. During their ceremony, everyone gathered around them for a group prayer. Everyone laid their hands on each other and Chris and Olga, tearing up while they prayed.

After filling up on the yummiest thai food, everyone ran over to the woods and danced together, linking arms and swinging each other around to the live folk music echoing through the trees. Sunlight poured in on everyone and their was so much laughter and happiness; when I stepped back for a moment I teared up looking at how much love there was in this little forest. Once Olga and Chris were ready to leave, everyone ripped up the table decor of flowers and bouquets and used the petals to throw for them as they left. These two are so special and their wedding was an absolute dream <3


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