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Anniversary , Couples

Peyton & Colton

Where do I even start? Spending two weeks in morocco with these two was one of the best experiences I've ever had as a photographer and as a person. Jay and I fell in love with their bubbly, hilarious, and perfectly weird personalities so quick and it had felt like we were friends for ever even though we had just met in the airport on the way to Morocco. Peyton is a photographer, Colten a nurse, and they wanted to celebrate their one year anniversary of being married with a trip halfway across the world together. They planned the most incredible trip, from wandering markets buying rugs (we bought almost 30 between all of us!) in Marrakesh to playing with stray puppies on the beach to standing what felt like on top of the world looking out at the Great Sahara while the sun dipped below the dunes. We just feel lucky we got to capture it all for them. There aren't enough words to describe how unexplainably incredible this experience was. So I'll let the photos do the storytelling. Happy one year anniversary, you two.

We hiked up to a waterfall that was freezing cold with lots of locals wading in the water, and ladybugs landing on us all over.

A little corner of our incredible airbnb in Marrakesh.

Essouria, a beach town where they filmed Game of Thrones (Peyton and Colten are big fans). When we were driving in, we saw a whole herd of goats standing in a tree like birds.

On the road to the ancient city Ait Benhaddou. With no AC. But the views were SO worth it. We made friends here with a local who knew 7 languages and taught us 4 different ways to say lots of things, testing us while we looked at the milky way on his rooftoop by candlelight.

They filmed Game of Thrones in this riverbed too. Told ya, number one fans right here.

The Great Sahara Desert. Day 1.

Kam Kam Dunes. Day two in the desert.

Day three in the Great Sahara. Our last day together.
We ended our trip riding camels into the sunset and playing on top of the world.