laie hawaii temple wedding : courtney + jerrick

March 20, 2016

We started their wedding off the night before (check their crazy beautiful bridals on the last post), then right after we all ran down to the nearest beach together with their wedding party. Everyone stripped down, threw a swimsuit on, and ran in the water together after the sunset. It was so fun and so worth getting worked by the huge waves coming in at us haha (I also for about a solid 15 minutes thought that the moon was the sun….. until my husband explained that it was the moon. I’m so dumb hahahah). Afterwards we dried off and went to Kahuku Grill (all hail kahuku, we ate there 4 times that week) and stuffed our faces with the most amazing coconut shrimp EVER.

The next morning we woke up early to grab some shots of them getting ready out in the forest (seriously, how cool is this bridal party), then headed to the Laie Temple to catch these two after their sealing. Everyone bawled their eyes out after they came out and it was just a big fun party from there on out! After the ceremony, we headed to their airbnb, chowed down on some Mickey D’s (please appreciate the pic of Court shoving a mcdouble in her face hahaha), then headed to the reception venue! On our way we realized Courtney and Jerrick were driving behind us, so we spontaneously pulled over on the side of the road and trespassed for some shots of these two with the mountains and an amazing abandoned mill. Seriously looked like we were in Ireland in a few of these!

All in all, everyone should get married in Hawaii!!

Courtney_Jerrik_10 Courtney_Jerrik_40-3 Courtney_Jerrik_44 Courtney_Jerrik_61 Courtney_Jerrik_132 Courtney_Jerrik_141 Courtney_Jerrik_147 Courtney_Jerrik_164 Courtney_Jerrik_198 Courtney_Jerrik_221 Courtney_Jerrik_222 Courtney_Jerrik_223 Courtney_Jerrik_227 Courtney_Jerrik_613 Courtney_Jerrik_635 Courtney_Jerrik_645 Courtney_Jerrik_667 Courtney_Jerrik_668 Courtney_Jerrik_694 Courtney_Jerrik_701 Courtney_Jerrik_710 Courtney_Jerrik_716 Courtney_Jerrik_734 Courtney_Jerrik_738 Courtney_Jerrik_748 Courtney_Jerrik_752 Courtney_Jerrik_761 Courtney_Jerrik_766 Courtney_Jerrik_767 Courtney_Jerrik_773 Courtney_Jerrik_782 Courtney_Jerrik_790 Courtney_Jerrik_799 Courtney_Jerrik_810Courtney_Jerrik_228 Courtney_Jerrik_236 Courtney_Jerrik_240 Courtney_Jerrik_264 Courtney_Jerrik_268 Courtney_Jerrik_274 Courtney_Jerrik_285 Courtney_Jerrik_288 Courtney_Jerrik_296 Courtney_Jerrik_305 Courtney_Jerrik_311 Courtney_Jerrik_323 Courtney_Jerrik_332 Courtney_Jerrik_335 Courtney_Jerrik_344
Courtney_Jerrik_460 Courtney_Jerrik_466 Courtney_Jerrik_484 Courtney_Jerrik_492 Courtney_Jerrik_527-2 Courtney_Jerrik_548 Courtney_Jerrik_550 Courtney_Jerrik_561 Courtney_Jerrik_583 Courtney_Jerrik_584 Courtney_Jerrik_588 Courtney_Jerrik_830 Courtney_Jerrik_832 Courtney_Jerrik_861 Courtney_Jerrik_880 Courtney_Jerrik_902 Courtney_Jerrik_915 Courtney_Jerrik_950 Courtney_Jerrik_963 Courtney_Jerrik_967 Courtney_Jerrik_1065 Courtney_Jerrik_1071 Courtney_Jerrik_1075 Courtney_Jerrik_1257 Courtney_Jerrik_1319 Courtney_Jerrik_1324 Courtney_Jerrik_1380Courtney_Jerrik_430 Courtney_Jerrik_442 Courtney_Jerrik_444

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