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Britten & Jonah

Salt Flats
After I sent these photos back to Britten, she said it perfectly when she responded with "I think for every cute photo we got together there's another one of me and Jonah doing who know's what." So freaking true and that's what made the shoot so damn fun. I love when couples just let themselves get comfortable in the camera with me and just goof off and be themselves. It makes the photos so much more meaningful and real, rather than some posed photo of them standing somewhere cool, you can tell exactly what their relationship is like. We got stalked and charged by buffalo (no joke, just keep scrolling til you see Britten charging the buffalo back), laughed til our stomachs hurt, Britten and Jonah showed me weird stuff their bodies can do (don't worry, I included a few photos haha), got our shoes muddy and almost got hit by a few cars. A perfect little afternoon in the desert if you ask me.

Jonah said she could put her feet behind her head. I said prove it.

We were shooting and all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw two huge buffalo running at us rearing up and kicking everywhere. I literally panicked and started running to the car and instead of following me, Britten and Jonah decided to charge out at the buffalo. How are they so badass and brave? Inspired/concerned by this.

Also is Jonah’s shirt not so badass? He got it at Wal-Mart for $8. I need it.

More tricks by Britten. Jonah told me she can jump freakishly high, which we double checked to make sure was true. It was.

They’re so weird and I love it so freaking much. Like, what is even going on. They’re just having so much fun.